D.C. Cherry Blossoms // 2017


I have to admit, before moving to D.C. I hadn’t fully realized exactly how big of a deal the cherry blossoms were. Having now spent a day photographing the blossoms and a morning at the Cherry Blossom Parade (as well as admiring the cherry blossom themed Starbucks mugs), I’m completely on board with the obsession.


One of those late winter storms hit us in March, causing only about 50% of the cherry blossoms to survive. While bummed about the depleted number, I was still blown away by how much 50% still was! It felt like the entire city had exploded into a sea of pale pink. In my photos, I tried to capture the dreamlike quality that seemed to embrace the trees. I was thankful for the overcast day as well since the haze and soft light were the perfect touch for the images. With that, I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did taking them!





Published by

Kathryn Buckingham

Graphic designer in Washington D.C., occasionally will update my blog with an assortment of photography, literature and film analysis, as well as some personal thoughts.

3 thoughts on “D.C. Cherry Blossoms // 2017”

  1. Wonderful pictures! Have a Happy Easter…your dad comes to Florida tomorrow…can’t wait!

    Love you and miss your! G&G Ken/Pat

  2. Dear Kathryn,

    Thank you for the lovely pictures of the cherry blossoms — we envy you! Have a nice Easter! Grandpa Hank and Jane

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