Two Weeks Down

This blog started out as personal posts, something to keep family and friends up to date on my life in college. So here’s my attempt to break up the photos and the essays and bring it back on in to that.

I’ve just finished the second week of my junior year of college. Scary right? It was four years ago that I was looking into schools, trying to decide if I was going to make it out on the East Coast or not. I had people tell me that I wouldn’t make it, that I would find myself transferring to Boise State (or any other Idaho school for that matter) by second semester freshman year. Well fast forward to now and I’m looking into an internship in North Carolina for summer 2015  and who knows, maybe I’ll move to Charlotte. But who knows! I would love to travel the United States and explore more before I even come up with an idea of where I want to live, there are too many possibilities. But for now I think I’ll stick with being in denial about being half way done with college and continue to live in a bubble of being sort of an adult but still not fully an “adult” in all aspects.

Things are also shaking up this year and I’m certainly filling my time up! I’ve now become a part of Elon’s Live Oak Communications Agency, where I have the official title of “Creative Content Producer.” Words can’t even begin to describe the excitement I have about being able to finally delve into what I want to do and begin to create professional work. It’s essentially a full internship on campus, though instead of payment I get school credit. As anyone in the creative field knows, it’s all about your portfolio at the end of the day and I’m excited to be able to continue to update my website with what I’m able to create for local clients and expand my talents.

For classes, I’m taking four pretty different classes actually.

  • COM 495 Great Ideas (Capstone for Comm Students): Students examine great ideas that shape media and communications such as free expression, the global reach of communications, technological convergence, disruptive innovation, media entrepreneurship, the diversity of audiences, and media effects. Students write an original research paper or substantive analytical paper that examines a specific issue
  • ISC 111 Data Science and Visualization: The Internet is full of rich data sources that anyone can use to answer questions and solve problems. How can we process this data to uncover interesting patterns? This course teaches students how to access online data, write programs to analyze the data and use visualization tools to describe the patterns we find in a compelling way.
  • GST 303 Culture of Rock: This course, as the title indicates, examines the “culture of rock.” Specifically, it is concerned with the evolution of rock music and subcultures centered upon that music. In particular, the course examines the music and nascent youth culture of the 1950s, the counterculture of the 1960s, the reggae and punk subcultures of the 1970s, and beyond.
  • COM 365 Editing the Moving Image: Students learn the concepts and techniques of digital video editing for broadcast and cinema. The course examines the historical and theoretical evolution of editing, and students complete projects that require mastery of video editing techniques.

All in all I’m absolutely loving my classes. I do get minor headaches in my Data Science class but I’m also already using some of those skills that I’ve learned in that class and applying them to possible research for my Capstone class. I will also be writing two massive papers this semester, one that’s 16-20 pages and one that’ll be 20-25 pages. How much of a nerd does it make me if I’m actually really excited about doing the research?

I’ll continue to try to do more updates but for now, signing off on this belated personal update. I hope family and friends are doing great as we move into the later part of 2014!

And big news! I finally reached over FIVE THOUSAND views on my blog! I considered doing a special post about it and maybe I will later but we’ll see. There’s a pile of research anthologies calling my name so I think this is where I’ll be ending this. Goodbye for now!




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Kathryn Buckingham

Graphic designer in Washington D.C., occasionally will update my blog with an assortment of photography, literature and film analysis, as well as some personal thoughts.

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