My First Website

As someone who is constantly on the internet, I have my fair share of social media accounts (essentially I’m on all of them).

I then created a blog just two years ago and broadened my use of the internet. And today I published my online portfolio/my very first website –

And let me tell you, it’s been an adventure.

Since this year is the beginning of a focus on my future, I knew it was time to create an online portfolio. Once I made the decision to do this, I decided on using the site builder Weebly as my platform. And then began the ultimate task of finding everything that I thought would play an important role in showcasing what I was capable of creating. Silently praising myself for all of the file organizing I’ve done, I dug through my computer and external hard drives and compiled it all together. I sifted through emails to find articles that I had emailed to professors. I had to sit and think about what would be the best examples that I could present and suddenly things either seemed not good enough but I still pushed through. Stumbling blocks came in the form of missing files (“Mom didn’t I email you a copy of my advertisement??”) and non-jpg files that I couldn’t open on my laptop (“Maybe this is why I should update my InDesign”) and currently there are pieces missing from the site. But don’t worry, I’m putting on my thinking cap once I get back to North Carolina and getting these last files together.

I also realized that while I have taken numerous (read: hundreds) of selfies, I in fact did not have a professional photo of myself. Or any type of image to use as a background. So just the other day my mom and I found ourselves making our way to the foothills to get something presentably professional, but also with a hint of me in it.

Even up until a minute before I hit publish, I’ve also been spending large amounts of time agonizing over links and making sure they are properly connected, which is for sure something I’ve never thought about.

What felt like the most adult thing I’ve ever done, I decided to pay not only for the upgraded account with Weebly (I most definitely needed the video feature), but also for a domain name through GoDaddy. As my family looked at it, this is an investment. I will now be sending this website out for future internships and possibly jobs and it’s important for it to look as professional as possible.

I’m sure I’ll still find issues with it and I’ll be adding files for a while, but it feels nice to have been able to finally hit PUBLISH and get the site live. This is probably the hardest I’ve worked on something and I’m honestly exhausted. But here’s to accomplishing probably the most grown up thing I’ve ever done. For now I’ll sit back and enjoy it, as the work is never done (I actually have to go update my resume right now but I’m not jumping on it).

I’ll need to start packing today, I’m returning to North Carolina on Friday and finally back to college. I’ll be beginning my junior year which is unbelievable! But that’s another blog post.


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Kathryn Buckingham

Graphic designer in Washington D.C., occasionally will update my blog with an assortment of photography, literature and film analysis, as well as some personal thoughts.

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