PRODUCT REVIEW: Black Milk Clothing // Game of Thrones, Lannister Shooter

Ever since I discovered Black Milk Clothing a couple years ago, I’ve been dying to get some of their clothes. Black Milk is an Australian-based clothing brand that specializes in leggings, dresses, tops, and swimsuits. They often feature crazy designs and patterns, typically with a general theme with each release. Along side original designs, they have collections from famous entertainment, such as the movies Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, to the video game Mass Effect and the beloved comic book character Batman.

For a long time though, I just couldn’t get myself to make the plunge but I was dying every time I went to the website. Then they introduced their Game of Thrones collection and I knew I had to finally do it.

What immediately caught my eye was the Lannister Shooter, a jersey for one of the most infamous families on the show (I would try to explain the show but that’s a little too complicated for this blog post). The design jumped out at me the instant I saw it, and my comfort level doesn’t reach for enough for me to order the nylon type spandex dresses and shirts, so I figured an athletic type jersey was the perfect choice for me. Unfortunately I stalled in my purchase when it first came out, and in traditional Black Milk fashion (pardon the pun), they were out of stock in my size. Devastated, I decided that it was not meant to be.

Regardless though, I put my email down to be notified when the jersey was to be restocked and hoped for the best. It turns out that the best meant that it would be restocked just after my 20th birthday. It was while I was in Italy that I sent in the panicked order, terrified that somehow ordering through my phone would mess it up. And then I waited for the package from Australia. Then just ten days later, my mom woke up from a nap with a black package in hand. Winter may be coming, but my order had arrived.

bmlannisterjersey01I instantly fell in love. The shooter looked the exact same in person as it did on the website. The quality of the manufacturing is amazing and I couldn’t believe the overall quality of the product, which is good because Black Milk is unfortunately pretty expensive. However, it didn’t take long for me to appreciate that this product is well worth the cost.

I ordered a medium, which is slightly large on me. While I’m sure I could technically fit into a small, I felt that a medium was best for this particular style.


The jersey is incredibly lightweight as well, even with it’s main color being black. Along with the package came a couple other things. One in particular I loved – a letter from Black Milk’s creator. It was both a funny letter and briefly informative, giving me a heads up on the washing (stick with cold water if possible) and that if in doubt when it comes to matching it with other colors, “you really can’t go wrong with black.” Along with all of this, I finally got to see Black Milk’s social media at it’s best. From everything I’ve heard, they are fantastic as a company when it comes to dealing with social media and interacting with their customers (affectionately called Sharkies). With my jersey came the hashtag #bmlannistershooter for when I upload photos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With it were the links to all of the sites that Black Milk is a part of and where to find them. As well as the letter, I received a Black Milk sticker and a business card, as well as the official announcement about their new American location!

Overall, I’m so excited about making this purchase. It’s everything I was dreaming it would be and more, and I know that I’ll definitely make sure to have a piggy bank dedicated to my next purchase from them.



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