MAKEUP REVIEW: Almay Shadow Stick

Ever since I began to wear makeup, I started to have an obsession with it. I loved the ability to transform with it, as well as just do just simple enhancements. While it may have started out as a shield to hide behind, I’ve now grown confident enough that I wear makeup purely for fun and to experiment with.

My typical look tends to be over-dramatic cat eye, but lately I’ve been branching out and trying to find other looks. Recently I had a bunch of coupons for makeup products, and took the opportunity to try out different brands. One of those products was Almay’s “Shadow Stick” – a type of eye shadow product it appeared. I thought it would be a fun idea to try a makeup review of the product and see how that goes!


The one I bought is specific for brown eyes, which I always appreciate since it feels that brown is the constantly overlooked color. The brown side is a highlight, while the green is the base/main color. The instructional video that Almay posted described it as “build-able color,” which is a great way to put it. First on, the green is very light in color and needs to be layered on. I didn’t have a problem with the extra times it took to get a solid build up, probably because I was picturing that it would work as a good hint of color to add. The highlight is very difficult to see but I suppose that’s the point.

Both colors went on very smoothly and I didn’t feel like I was having to drag it across or irritate my eyelid at all, which was an initial concern.



These photos are just of the Almay shadow stick by itself. All I have on otherwise is a bit of primer underneath (which is what I do for all of my looks). I would never wear the look by itself as it’s a little bare for me, and a strange color to leave alone. I was pleased with how easy it was to apply. So from there, I applied some of my trusty other makeup products to the look to see how well it blended with or how well it would make its way into my every day looks.

IMG_3117 IMG_3118While less of a “typical” look for me, I thought the green worked really well with a neutral smokey brown addition to it. I instantly liked the product much more once the look was finished. It muted the glittery extra-greenness of the initial shadow and made it much more wearable, while still being fun and different. It’s not too lime green or even forest green and I have to agree that it does work well with my brown eyes.

Overall I was impressed! I don’t know how many more I would actually buy of the shadow sticks (more out of lack of need for more makeup), but I definitely like the product. It was easy to apply, easy to build up, and works well as a finished look. I don’t advise wearing it by itself, but together with other products it looks good. This was my first Almay product and probably won’t be my last!

PS: It says that it’s hypoallergenic which for a lot of people could be really good! That’s not something that applies to me but can be very important for people to look for!




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