D.C. Cherry Blossoms // 2017


I have to admit, before moving to D.C. I hadn’t fully realized exactly how big of a deal the cherry blossoms were. Having now spent a day photographing the blossoms and a morning at the Cherry Blossom Parade (as well as admiring the cherry blossom themed Starbucks mugs), I’m completely on board with the obsession.

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Student-Run Agencies Offer Experience Beyond Classroom

I’m a recent graduate of Elon University in North Carolina, with a major in Communication Design. While I was attending Elon I had the chance to be involved in a unique part of our School of Communications education, Live Oak Communications. Live Oak is Elon’s on-campus, student run communications agency. A couple important things to note: we are different than an ad club and we work with actual clients.

A quick breakdown of how Live Oak works:

  • Live Oak is divided into two parts, the accounts and creative. On the account teams, students are divided up into groups and are assigned to work with a local or regional client. The creative team is not assigned to specific clients, but instead works through team members volunteering for projects.
  • Clients and projects are based on a semester-by-semester basis, after which students have the option of leaving, staying, switching between account or creative, or being promoted. During my two years at Live Oak, I was a Creative Content Producer, Graphics Production Manager, and then the Creative Director my senior year.

So now that I’m a college graduate in the “real world,” how much did college and my time at Live Oak actually prepare me? This blog post looks back at my experience at Live Oak and how it equipped me to be a summer intern at DaviesMoore, a marketing and advertising agency located in downtown Boise. And, should we integrate more of these types of organizations into colleges to provide hands-on experience?

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Book Review // In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom


“I am most grateful for two things: that I was born in North Korea, and that I escaped from North Korea.”

As a Christmas gift, I received a copy of the book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. It’s the story of how young Yeonmi Park escaped North Korea, and the struggles that she endured to reach freedom. While her journey begins in a small village in North Korea, her story extends to the brutality of sex trafficking in China to the difficult transition to South Korea.

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Weekend Getaway // McCall, Idaho

This past weekend I was able to get away to the mountains with my parents. Camping and hiking has always been a great release for me and I practically learned to walk on the trails. Even for just a couple days, it felt great to clear my head and get some relaxing in! Here’s a collection of photos from the weekend.


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So I Graduated From College, Now What?


On May 21st this year, I graduated from Elon University. Which means that it’s four years since I originally created this blog as a way to update family and friends on my life across the country.

It’s still setting in that I’ve graduated. What do you mean I’m not just going back in the fall? What do you mean that my academic career is over? What do you mean the structure that I have been so used to for so long is now going to be completely different and will never be the same again?

As you can see I’m handling it extremely well.

For those of you who don’t know, I am really excited though to be interning at a local Boise agency, DaviesMoore, for the summer. While I’ve enjoyed hanging out around the house, I’m reluctantly antsy. I’m getting restless and itching to just do something and to have a structure again. I loved my academic schedule. I’m an avid list-maker and these two weeks I’ve been at home have felt weird when I wake up and the whole day is ahead of me. Maybe I strive off of stress, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but I do miss that feeling of purpose. So with that, I hope to kickstart working on more projects once my internship starts this Monday. Theoretically it doesn’t quite make sense to start more projects once I start working, but as it turns out that’s just how I function.

So what next then for my blog? This often forgotten blog that is the home of travel photography, literature analysis, and sometimes a life update (which of course, this entry is).

Now that I’m done with college, there’s not as much need for more personal updates. Knowing me, I’ll still post them so that I can make myself self-reflect, but I’m more interested in transferring more of my passions into my blog. This will mean that you can hopefully look forward to:

  • Book reviews (less analysis, more conversation)
  • Makeup and product reviews, swatches, etc.
  • Photography, and not just travel photography but sharing my work
  • Art and my process (digital and traditional)
  • And hopefully a variety of other things!

This isn’t a promise by any means, but by making this blog post I am making my first step back into being an online creator and having a place where I can look back and see my goals. I will also be spending the summer (and well life I guess) as a freelancer as well, and I will hopefully be able to share any type of work that I’m able to on here as well!

So here’s to a new beginning. I am now an alumni. I am nervous, anxious, and restless. So maybe I’m right where I need to be to kickstart myself into living life after school. I now have the rest of my life to pursue my passions.

Until next time,

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Baby Succulents // The Beginnings of a Pretend Green Thumb

Succulent 2 Succulent 3 Succulent 4

Since we can’t have pets in my apartment for my senior year, I decided I’d start with a much smaller (and cheaper) living thing. My new babies sit on my window sill and are surrounded by shells I collected from Folly Beach, South Carolina, as well as an inspirational rock (present from my mother) and a glass bottle holding sand from a Buddhist mandala. Here’s to a good start for my senior year of college!

A Magical 21st Birthday // The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I’m not really sure what a traditional birthday celebration is when it comes to turning 21, other than just somehow including alcohol. But I knew for me I had my eyes set on going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Orlando, Florida. For my nineteenth birthday I had asked for a birthday cake inspired by Harry’s in the first movie (think lots of pink frosting and misspelled green lettering) and so this seemed like a natural upgrade.

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So for my week off from my summer program (and there’s a belated blog post I need to work on)  and flew down to Florida to meet my parents. In between visiting grandparents, we slid in a trip over to Universal and began the day. Biggest tip I can give – if you go on your birthday make sure to tell them. Not only do you get a pretty sweet pin (the guy did have me write it myself since he figured I had better handwriting), but while we were walking around every single employee wish me happy birthday when they passed me. It also resulted in me getting selected in the wand selection demonstration at Ollivander’s! After all, the wand does choose the wizard.

In case you’re wondering, I now am a proud owner of a vine wand with phoenix feather core.

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Longtime No Write // A Much Delayed Update

There’s something about coffee shops that just makes writing a blog post seem like the right thing to do.

It’s also been forever since I posted on here (an actual blog post that is), and it’s probably about time that I did some updates on here for family and friends. Here’s a quick elevator speech of what my life has been like since I last did a personal update:

I went to Europe for three weeks! I got to spend January in England, Germany, and the Czech Republic and I’m so happy that I did. I learned a lot and got to see some beautiful places, as well as learn a lot about the history of communication and different cities in Europe. I also cried in some churches because let’s face it, gothic cathedrals are gorgeous. I got to spend semester as the Junior Creative Director at Live Oak Communications, and it helped confirm my absolute love of graphic design. I’m still not sure where I’ll be or what I’ll do after I graduate next year but I’ll be damned if I’m not designing in some sort of fashion. I’m helping out on a short film that one of my best friend’s wrote and I’m the Director of Visual Design and Marketing. Make sure to check out our Facebook page and our website! It’s been exciting and crazy and overwhelming, but so amazing at the same time. We’re currently in post-production.

Those are the big parts about this semester in a nutshell! With that highlight reel out of the way, I’m really excited to talk abut my summer plans.

For the first time, I will not be going home for the summer. It’s both terrifying and exciting. Instead of returning to Boise, I will instead spend this summer in Atlanta, GA and I will be a participant of The Creative Circus’ Summer at the Circus Program. The Creative Circus is a portfolio school and I don’t think there are words to describe how excited I am. I get to devote this entire summer to learning about my craft and just creating. Yes I guess I’m technically going to school this summer and will have classes, but I really can’t think of a better way to spend my time. Of course this means I’ll be living on my own (shout out to the internship apartments that were available) and for anyone who knows me, successfully feeding myself is going to be an adventure. But learning about independence and creating at the same time? I’d say it’s going to be amazing summer.

And then I’ll be a senior in college. Yikes. I’m actively choosing to ignore that part, though I am really excited about my classes that I’ll be taking and new experiences that I’ll get to have (those will be in a future post though).

As usual, this semester has had a lot of growth. But now I’m going to be focusing on pushing myself and maximizing my abilities. Not playing a sport anymore has left me with a lot of unused competitiveness, and I think I’ve found some outlets in my creative work. Here’s to never letting go of passion and drive.

Until next time (which hopefully won’t be this delayed),